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Adobe Photoshop

Learn the fundamental Photoshop design principles and examine their application that will help you grow your skills and refine your techniques for improved image editing and graphic design.


Adobe Photoshop is the world’s most popular graphics and digital photo editing software program.

The course:

  • Will guide you through how to use Adobe Photoshop and its user interface and you will learn in a step-by-step manner how to use the basic essential tools for editing and enhancing your photographs.


  • Will show you how to remove background elements from the image, and blend another image with it, re-touch blemishes in the original photograph, crop elements out of the image, insert text onto an image, create marquees around elements to remove or modify them, free transform a selection that has been cut from an image and much more.


Photoshop uses a layer-based editing system that enables image creation and altering with multiple overlays that support transparency. Layers can also act as masks or filters, altering underlying colours. Shadows and other effects can be added to the layers. Photoshop actions include automation features to reduce the need for repetitive tasks.

It has been the industry standard image manipulation program for so long that its name has even become a verb: It is common parlance to say that an image has been “photoshopped”. In this context, it is synonymous with edited, manipulated or faked, often regardless if the software is actually used.

Photoshop is used by photographers, graphic designers, video game artists, advertising and meme designers.



  • Understanding of the user Interface and pixel term.
  • Ability to identify and effectively use the various tools within the program
  • Use the individual versions of each tool to meet your specific needs
  • Modify and enhance your image for production and delivery
  • Remove background elements from the image
  • Re-touch blemishes in the original photograph
  • Crop elements out of the image
  • Insert text into your image
  • Draw onto your image to create various effects
  • Create marquees around elements to remove or modify them
  • Free Transform a selection you have cut from an image
  • Advanced features such as unlocking layers, creating banners, art work, curves, digital enhancements, brush dynamic, and many more interesting features.