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    Student Support

    Powerful experiences, matter!

    Our Student Support program, aims to support and give information to students, on various issues concerning the courses, design and technology industry, enhancing students’ higher education experience in every way possible.
    Some of the things Student Support Program can help you with are:
    Advice in study skills
    • Support your needs through the creation of special courses to enhance your English knowledge or any other field needed.
    • Hold workshops to enhance various study skills.
    • Organize seminars according to the classrooms needs.
    • One to one support.
    • Guide you through obtaining the most suitable diploma and knowledge for you.
    • Guidance on how to promote yourself as an authentic creative character.
    Advice on future employment
    • Informing students about future open employment positions in Cyprus or abroad.
    • Graduate students have the opportunity after an evaluation to get under the umbrella of Level Up intern team, getting hands on working experience..
    Advice on disability issues
    • Support to students with physical or learning disabilities..
    • Information on provisions and assessment procedure.

    You can give constructive feedback, either positive or negative, about your experience at Level Up Design & Computer Lab.

    Email Us:

    Please feel free to email our Students Support Staff for any enquiries:

    +357 700 888 90