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    Fouskas Dog Foundation Program

    D.O.G Rescue Cyprus was created to save abandoned and helpless Pound dogs who are facing DEATH. Their goal is to help these poor souls find homes before the kill deadline of the Municipality.

    Fouskas Dog Foundation

    ”Fouskas Dog Foundation Packed and Ready”, was created to help as much dogs as possible, to get their second chance in life!

    Dogs that are on a death row at municipality shelters or in the streets! Finding the perfect homes for them to become members of amazing families, in Cyprus or abroad.

    In memory of beloved Fouskas, (2008-2016) who was the trigger for his family to understand the magnitude of a dogs soul, and the unlimited capacity of love and caring humans can provide selflessly to those with no voice.

    Many dogs have been re-homed all around Europe, but as far as we still have strays here in Cyprus, Level Up Design & Computer Lab., will still find ways to help them!

    Beside all the creativity and passion around design and technology, we are humans fully dedicated on Animal Welfare!

    Through our programs, we are ready to support animal shelters in Cyprus, with various events and campaigns, trying to promote as much dogs as possible. As this is not enough, we are calling every one of you to DONATE!!

    Through our website, you are able to donate as much as you can, to any shelter of your choice, through pay pal or by any other way you prefer.

    To find out more, you can contact us via phone, message, or email or contact directly the shelter through the links below.

    Level Up Design & Computer lab., is committed to donate 5% of the course fees, to different shelters in Cyprus.

    Please consider adopting a mixed breed stray dog, instead of buying one.

    If you can’t adopt, you can foster! If you can’t foster, donate! If you can’t donate, share their posts! You might not care, but someone else surely does!

    Dogs are the only creatures that will love you more than they love themselves!